The World Upside Down (El mundo del revés)

“What happens to a teenager when the love of his life suddenly disappears?”

Gonza is an irreverent teenager whose constant lies and outbursts do not help him to win over the people around him. However, he and Gema, his best friend, are inseparable. They spend all their time, both in and out of class, together. But Gonza’s life is turned upside down when Gema disappears overnight with no apparent explanation.

This leads Gonza to absolute despair, as he tries to figure out what exactly happened to Gema. This proves difficult, however, because he is unable to find any answers and, to make matters worse, his cell phone is confiscated by the headmaster. When he finally finds out where his friend is, he realizes that she too has had her whole life turned upside down: Gema was forced to change high schools because of the cyberbullying she was receiving after having private images of her stolen and posted online.

Gema’s parents forbade her from talking to Gonza, since he is on the list of the people who received the images.

Traumatized by the event, Gema does not want to believe that her best friend could have participated in such a heinous act. And he didn’t. Gonza’s cell phone had also been confiscated during this entire time, which means he never even opened the pictures.


RELEVANT DATA: Pablo Aranda was a Spanish writer, professor, and journalist. He was a finalist for the Primavera Award and winner of the 10th Andalusian Critics’ Award. He won the 1st Diario Sur Award for Short Novel and the City of Malaga Award for Children’s Literature.


What the critics have said:

“Some of his most endearing virtues are his nonchalance, freshness, and sense of humor. It puts you right into Gonza’s crazy and cocky head. […]” Reina Duarte, Publishing House Director


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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