Pablo Pérez-Cisneros

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Pablo Pérez-Cisneros.

Pérez-Cisneros has dedicated his life to private banking and the community and economic development of the city of Miami. He is a Cuban ex diplomat who has worked for the United Nations. He is a member of the  board of the Multiethnicity Interaction Program of the City of Miami, of the National Assembly of Hispanic Public Administrators, and he is a member of the Economic Financing Authority of Florida of the Guy Pérez-Cisneros Foundation.

His masterpiece is Después de Bahía de Cochinos.



Pablo Pérez-Cisneros is the son of Berta Barreto, one of the protagonists of Después de Bahía de Cochinos. Pablo dedicated more than nine years of his life to interviewing, searching for and compiling the facts that surround the negotiations of Bahía de Cochinos.

Among his many awards, the Citizen of the Year Award, of the City of Miami, the Excelency in Community Development Award – of housing and urban development (HUD) and Comunitario Audrey Nelson Community Development Award stand out. He was named for the Bayside Minority Foundation by the Committee of the City of Miami.