Peniley Ramírez

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Peniley Ramirez is a Cuban-Mexican journalist and poet with a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Veracruzana. She has complemented her education at Miami Dade College and the University of Havana. She has worked as an investigative journalist in Mexican media such as Imagen de Veracruz and Reporte Indigo. He has also been a columnist for newspapers such as Sin Embargo, El Heraldo de México and El Universal.  

She currently works for Univision as a correspondent in Mexico. She specializes mainly in corruption, transparency, human rights, migration and drug trafficking.



Peniley Ramírez is one of the most important journalists in Latin America. For her work, she has received the National Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting in Television and has been nominated six times for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards. As an author, she has published poems in Venezuelan, Peruvian and Mexican magazines.