Pino Cacucci

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Pino Cacucci is an Italian author, scriptwriter and translator. He studied at the Bologna DAMS (Discipline DELLE Arte della Musica e dello Spettacolo). He left his home country in the early 80s to live in Paris and Barcelona for a certain period of time.

However, some years after he moved to Latin America, particularly Mexico, where he acquired that big passion he owns for the country and its culture. In fact, he reflects it in his narratives.

His novels shine for highlighting historical figures that were not particularly winners, or those who have been wiped out of the History that is normally told.



This novelist has been numerous times awarded for his creations. He won the Scerbanenco Prize, the Fiesole Prize and the Chiara Award.

Cacucci also took part in some Italian TV series, such as Il commissario Corso, Puerto escondido and Nirvana, a coproduction between France and Italy.

Among his many literary works, Mujeres is a graphic novel that brings to light lots of women that were eclipsed by the patriarchal system and nowadays are actual feminist referents. On the other hand, Los del San Patricio is an important episode of the war between the US and Mexico that hardly ever has been told before.

Pino Cacucci is an author whose novels have been published internationally and both the critics and the audience are very fond of them.