Samuel Dacanda (Borja Quiroga y Manuel Rodríguez)

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Samuel Dacanda is the literary pseudonym of Borja Quiroga and Manuel Rodríguez, two friends united by their love for literature. Borja’s experience as a doctor and Manuel’s background as an art historian encouraged them to imagine and write “Palliative” together.


“Palliative” has received good reviews among critics and readers, who have commented on the work on Amazon:

“An important reflection on companionship, friendship, and new beginnings.”

“A beautiful journey with the moon on their backs and water at their necks. I declare myself, from today, a big fan of this author.”

“A book that hooks you from the beginning, inviting the reader to want to read more and more.”

“A book that doesn’t leave you indifferent. It immerses you from the first page, unable to stop reading until finishing this beautiful story. It has restored my desire to read.”