Sergio Ramírez

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Sergio Ramírez, graduated with honors in Law by the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, is a well-known author, lawyer and politician.

He was the Vice-President of Nicaragua during Daniel Ortega’s first term. Ramírez broke with Sandinism -a revolutionary movement in which he was involved for a long time-. These facts contributed to the creation of his memoir Adiós muchachos (i.e. Goodbye Boys in English).

As a writer, Ramírez funded his own literary magazine when he was 18. Moreover, at the same time, he also published his first compilation of tales, a type of writing that he has written his whole life.

On the other hand, the author has written novels (which have been highly acclaimed by the critics), big number of articles, as well as essays.



Sergio Ramírez’s work has been translated and edited in more than 15 countries.

In addition, he has been awarded in different occasions for his literary skills. Among the many awards he has received, the most outstanding one is the Cervantes Literary Prize 2017 for his long professional career. Other special mentions are the Dashiel Hammett International Award and the Metropolis Bleu International Festival Prize.