Silvia Aliaga y Tatiana Marco

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Silvia Aliaga and Tatiana Marco are two Spanish writers who met in an online literary community years ago. Their passion for K-pop made them specialists on the subject.

The Heart and Seoul saga is their first literary project together. Lights in the Sky (Luces en el cielo), their second novel, is a prequel of Heart and Seoul -note it can also be read on its own-. They are currently working on the third instalment of the saga due to the great success and the demand of the fans.

Silvia and Tatiana are the first Spanish authors to write about K-pop, a phenomenon that is becoming a sensation around the world. Both novels have been highly appraised by K-pop fans.

Despite the rollercoaster of fame suffered by the leading characters, these novels talk about universal themes like growth, friendship, dreams, family, and love, making the reader feel identified with the characters.



Due to the high acclaim on the social media, Silvia and Tatiana were interviewed in several important TV shows and radio broadcasts, like the well-known Vodafone Yu, one of the leading radio programmes in Spain; KBS, the most important radio and TV channel in South Korea; and Abierto de Aragón, an acclaimed TV program in Aragón Televisión.