The Heart and Seoul Saga (Saga De Seúl al Cielo)

Lights in the Sky | Heart and Seoul | Stars over Seoul

The thread of destiny might be tangled, but never broken.

Lights in the Sky tells the story of Jaehwa, Hyunsoo, Alex and Minwoo, when they were still apprentices of WIMTS, the company that will turn them into R*E*X, the most successful K-Pop (Korean pop) band in in the world. The story develops during their last summer holidays before being launched into stardom.

Jeju Island is the opposite to cosmopolitan Seoul. It is Jaehwa’s homeland, and Jaehwa regrets inviting Hyunsoo to his home. Even though they will be together in the process of becoming K-Pop stars, Hyunsoo is used to a luxurious life, rather than the austere life of a fishing village. Surprisingly though, Hyunsoo falls in love with the place and their lifestyle.

Far from Jeju, Alex was planning to travel throughout Europe with Minwoo. But Minwoo has to stay to take care of his sick father, so Alex embarks on this adventure alone. On his travels, Alex meets a boy with whom he has a very special connection. However, due to his future career in R*E*X and the perception of homosexuality in Korea, this new relationship will not last much time.

Minwoo, instead, has remained back home taking care of his sick father and continues the training hard at the academy to become a successful artist.

These four boys know that they will be chosen to form R*E*X and become a worldwide phenomenon, but out of their dreams emerge insecurities and fears. During this last summer of freedom and anonymity, they will discover many things about their society and about themselves.

Heart and Seoul takes place once R*E*X is the number one K-pop band worldwide. This second part is starred by Paula, a Spanish dancer that has moved to Seoul searching for Jay, the member of R*E*X with whom she had an affair in Barcelona when she danced for them. However, when Paula arrives in Seoul, Jay rejects her, and she has to start over as a dancer in one of the most prestigious and strict schools in the city.

Cris is a Spanish girl who lives in the UK. She meets Jay at the café where she used to work. After he had forgotten a pendant on his table, a car ran over the fan who was going to give it back to him. Cris, having witnessed the accident, decides to go to Seoul to fulfil the last will of the deceased fan. In Seoul, Cris meets Minwoo, who had abandoned R*E*X due to the psychological pressure it meant for him. He now runs a marvelous café where he hires Cris. Minwoo welcomes Cris in his family home and shows her the marvelous Korean life.

Hyunsoo and Jay are fed up with fame. Problems within R*E*X start to be more frequent, and they miss the family they used to be at the very beginning of the formation. Alex, the leader, has been quite distant from the others, and the communication among them is bad. Young, the youngest of the group, is the only one who will try to keep the band together.

When the paths of Paula, Cris, and R*E*X cross, their lives will change forever in this story about dreams, love, overcoming and friendship. A friendship of young people who are in the search for their own individuality as well as how they fit into their community.


RELEVANT DATA: Authors Silvia Aliaga and Tatiana Marco are experts in K-Pop. They met in an online literary community and Heart and Seoul is their first literary project together. Heart and Seoul is the first Spanish saga about K-pop. It was highly acclaimed by the fans of this music genre, it has hundreds of excellent critiques on the internet. Lights on the Sky, the prequel, was also highly appraised by the fans.

At this moment, the authors are currently working on the third installment.


What the critics have said:

“I will miss all the characters. It’s been a beautiful and moving trip in which I’ve enjoyed every single page. Masterfully narrated.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and sample in English.

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