Teresa Guirado

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Teresa Guirado

Teresa Guirado is a Spanish writer born in Valencia. She studied Computer Engineering and she works at a big international company, in the field of finance.

Jodidamente especial was her first novel.



Jodidamente especial has been #1 in Amazon.es and it has been among the #Top20 of Amazon since its publication in 2015. It was one of the 10 bestelling digital books during Sant Jordi. 

Teresa Guirado was a finalist of the Premio Eriginal Books de Romance. 


Readers have said:

“I did not want it to end, I really needed more and more.” (Con mi Kindle a todas partes)

“It’s an explosion of personal feelings, relationships, and signs of friendship in which nothing is what it seems. In addition, the simplicity of everyday life catches the readers’ attention.” (Life in Home)

“Addictive. One falls in love with its sweet characters. A careful language and a magnificent story.” (Amazon)

“It catches you attention, it makes you addicted to it. It takes the reader along with the characters to the very end.” (Amazon)