Txemi Parra

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Txemi Parra.

Txemi Parra studied law at the University of Deusto, but soon decided to take a different path in his career. His versatility has made him stand out as an actor, monologist and scriptwriter. Having spent more than fifteen years in the industry, his contribution to comedy has been significant, with notable presence in Spanish TV shows like 7 Vidas, Aída, and Los Serrano.

He has also ventured into the intrigue and mystery genres, delivering standout hits like El internado and Águila Roja. This versatility showcases his wide-ranging talents, establishing him as a versatile figure within the entertainment scene.

As an actor he has appeared in series, TV movies and plays. Among the series highlight productions such as Servir y proteger, Tierra de lobos, El comisario, or Petra Delicado. He also hosted for years the show Más humor in ETB 2.

He lived for 5 years in New York where, in addition to his participation in short films and webseries, he worked as an actor in the theatrical company Repertorio Español, with productions such as El Quijote, Burundanga, El coronel no tiene quien le escriba and El crédito.



In New York he won the HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors) and ACE (Association of Latin Entertainment critics of New York) awards, and the ATI (Artists of Independent Theater) award for best actor.

Besides, he was a regular stand-up comedian of Paramount Comedy channel and finalist of the II Comedy Club Contest.


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