Verónica Molina

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Silvia Bastos Literary Agency. 

Verónica Molina is a Spanish author who was slow to realize her desire to dedicate herself to literature. In fact, she initially directed her career towards the world of marketing and innovation.

Un segundo antes de la furia (A Second Before the Fury) is her first novel, with which she made a splash in the publishing market thanks to its strong element of social criticism, based on a traumatic personal experience she had in her childhood.

Despite this, Verónica Molina is an optimistic author. Although she approaches the reader with a provocative and enraged attitude, she also does so with the intention of sharing her experience, her zest for life, and her capacity for love.



Un segundo antes de la furia is a story filled with twists, incorporating elements of thriller, romance, and erotica. The protagonist has a past similar to that of the author, and the way she is crafted helps make her a believable character with whom the audience can empathize.