A second before the fury (Un segundo antes de la furia)

It’s whenever she wants it. No regrets, no barriers, no limits.

Martina has always been told how she should behave. She’s 30 years old, has a stable job, a loving boyfriend, and is surrounded by friends who love her. However, behind her apparent happiness, there’s a whirlwind of suppressed feelings and vague memories waiting for the right moment to awaken. The trigger is her grandfather’s funeral, the patriarch of a conservative, authoritarian, and extremist family. Confronting her past awakens a long-suppressed anger and an uncontrollable desire for adrenaline and revenge, dragging her into a self-destructive spiral of sex, violence, and drugs.

Martina decides to ignore the limits she had previously set for herself due to her family and lets herself be carried away by her most basic and wild instincts. That’s when she meets Max and Jack.

Max is a 50-year-old attractive and powerful man who is deeply fascinated by Martina and her demons. He wants to help her overcome her past traumas and “reach the light”, but his unconventional methods will uncover exciting new worlds filled with danger. They’ll establish a codependent and turbulent relationship.

Jack is a violent billionaire who exists in a web of lies and mysteries, starting with his identity. Martina feels a strong attraction towards him, and to please him, she participates in an orgy that puts her life at risk. After this encounter, that initial attraction turns into hatred, awakening her need for revenge. Jack will be her first victim.

Surrounded by chaos and suffering, Martina tries to seek protection from Chus, her best friend, and Anne, her cousin and confidante. Both will help her explore memories of a childhood filled with abuse until they realized which was the experience which changed Martina: she used to be abused by her own grandfather as a child.

The journey is difficult and tortuous. In the name of justice, or so she convinces herself, Martina commits two terrible murders in her descent into darkness. However, she is a fighter, a determined and strong woman who will make her way towards the truth in a journey of self-discovery, and redemption. Like a phoenix, Martina will rise from her ashes.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: With a fresh, intelligent, and authentic voice, Verónica Molina rises her voice and advocates for feminine power and freedom in her novel A Second Before the Fury. It’s an addictive story, full of adrenaline, mischief, and fun which will make you smile, while its potent plot and complex characters will give you goosebumps.

A Second Before the Fury is the author’s debut work. Much like her protagonist, she’s a born rebel and optimist, but also a survivor of some traumatic events that happened in her childhood. Events she wanted to face in this novel, as she talks about healing trauma through action in a context where intelligence, sensitivity, and sexuality transcend gender.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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