Her faith can save her or completely destroy her

Jeidi is an eleven-year-old orphan peasant girl. She is named after the character Heidi from Johanna Spyri because she lives with her grandfather at the top of a hill. Although he drinks a lot, the grandfather is a good man: he works from dawn to dusk and does not neglect his granddaughter, the only family he has left after his daughter died in childbirth. The girl’s father cannot be mentioned in that shack with a dirt floor, where the day’s work begins before dawn breaks.

Jeidi is very religious, sings like an angel, and has a curious relationship with a capricious and ill-tempered God, whom she believes to see and with whom she speaks while holding a yellow cloth.

One day, Jeidi dreams that an archangel appears to her and wakes up believing herself to be pregnant with a new child of God. She begins to experience all the physical symptoms of pregnancy, and certain misunderstandings in the medical check-up convince everyone that the girl is right, even though she remains a virgin.

Thus, processions begin from the most remote places to see her, touch her swollen stomach, and ask for miracles. Each of the villagers has something to say or do about the case of the holy child, the most important event in the history of Villa Prat.


RELEVANT DATA: With her debut novel, a tragicomic psychological coming-of-age that reflects the 1980s in Chile, drawing the reader into unexpected aspects of rural life hidden behind the bucolic image of a holy child. Isabel M. Bustos has sold tens of thousands of copies.


What the critics say:

“Touchingly tender.” – Goodreads.

“Jeidi is one of the most beloved characters in recent Chilean literature.” – Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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