A Crack in the Wall (Las grietas de Jara)

No one is innocent.

Pablo Simó has worked at the same architectural firm for 20 years, around the same amount of time he has been married to Laura, who are only bound together by their 16-year-old daughter. He yearns to one day build the tower that he has been obsessively sketching over and over again for years. However, he knows this is just a pipe dream, and that he is doomed to relive the same desperate dream every night. Pablo does not dare risk his job, his stability or his comfort for his that dream.

Ironically, he feels the same about his relationship with his wife. They have grown apart and he fantasizes about other women. The only thing that binds them together is their daughter, but, even then, they cannot agree on how to parent her. Pablo Simó is a dreamer, but nothing more.

One day, a young woman named Leonor arrives at the studio unexpectedly asking about a man named Nelson Jara. Pablo´s boss, his co-worker Marta and him assure the woman they don´t know anyone by that name… Here is where the trio´s secrecy begins to unfold.

Some years back, a man came in to the studio complaining about a crack in one of the walls in his apartment. He had attributed the damage to the construction that was being done next door. One thing led to the next, and Nelson Jara was found dead – his body buried somewhere in the studio´s plot of land. The young woman and the revelation of the past will crack open the architect’s apparent and sacred stability. He will see everything he had deemed certain collapse one by one right in front of his eyes, and suddenly his boring and predictable life is shifted.


RELEVANT DATA: Claudia Piñeiro is one of the most acclaimed voices in contemporary Latin American literature and is known as the Argentinean Lady of the Noir Novel.

Claudia Piñeiro’s works have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and several of them have been adapted for the cinema. The author has been the recipient of the Clarín Award, the Pléyade Award, the Latin American Children and Young Adult Literature Award, the ACE Award, the LiBeraturpreis Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. She was also a finalist for the Planeta Argentina Award and the La Sonrisa Vertical Award, in addition to having been selected in the Editorial Edebé Contest.


What the critics have said:

“The intrigue surrounding Jara’s story is the thread that leads us to continue reading and the reason for the character’s evolution. The author includes unexpected turns so characteristic of her style and an ironic ending that brings out a smile of satisfaction.” Doblando páginas (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series and Miniseries.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Italian, German.

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