A Criminal Novel (Docuseries)

A Criminal Novel is based on a true story that took place in Ciudad de México in 2005: the federal police forces arrest Israel Vallarta and Florence Cassez and accused them of having taken part in a kidnapping, as well as of being involved in a criminal organization.

In the morning, several TV programs broadcast the entrance of the police officers in Las Chinitas ranch, together with the release of three hostages and the arrest of Israel and Florence.

In the following days, the seized ones see the increase of the list of accusations. However, once their attorneys contrast the inconsistency of the detention records and the recordings of their fake arresting with the version of Israel and Florence, one of the biggest scandals in the history of México is brought to light.

The development of this issue provoked the instability of the Mexican government, as well as a diplomatic incident emerged between Mexico and France.


TOPICS: Murder, Corruption, Organized Crime, Investigation, Manipulation, Kidnapping, Politics, Prison


GENRE: Drama, Thriller


RELEVANT FACTSA Criminal Novel won the Alfaguara Award for Best Narrative in 2018.

Volpi used In Cold Blood as the main referent to tell without any sort of fiction the story of A Criminal Novel.

Critics assure: “A Criminal Novel is a fabulous narrative on the Cassez-Vallarta case that managed to create tensions between Mexico and France”.

Others state that Volpi breaks “with every single convention of the genre”, plus “he puts readers and reality front to front, with no obstacles”.