A Guy With a Bag Over His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza)

A corrupt mayor close to death. The oxygen dwindles as the minutes pass.

“I would have bet any of my deaths that the one I would have would not have been this one. I could have imagined a stroke, an intestinal perforation, or my liver or pancreas bursting suddenly without giving me much time. Or even cancer. But look at that, who would have thought that the end would come because two clumsy sausages forgot to make a fucking hole in a bag…”

Gabriel is the mayor of San Expósito, a small municipality that has become more and more popular thanks to tourism. He finds himself handcuffed, with his head in a bag, after two robbers broke into his house and attacked him.

Without any possibility of getting free or calling out for help, he is sentenced – exempt only by chance or miracle – to death by suffocation. Gabriel tries to identify who is responsible for this situation, and whether the assailants acted on their own or are following the orders of a third party. The problem is that the path to the mayor’s office has not been easy, and you don’t get there without leaving a few corpses behind along the way… Gabriel is no saint, and he does not lack enemies.

Corruption reigns over a small town that has gone from being a lost and insignificant spot on a map in the Canary Islands, to a great tourist center. Casinos, malls, hotels, mobsters, corrupt politicians, drugs, and a lot of money – not always clean – passing from one hand to another.

As he struggles for air, he reflects on his political career and his life full of selfishness, ambition, and disloyalty. His fall from grace and the impact on the people who loved him, have been there for him, or just simply crossed his path.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: A Guy With A Bag On His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza) is a groundbreaking crime novel in which the protagonist becomes the investigator of his own murder.

Its authors, Alexis Ravelo, has carved out a niche for himself with his crime novels in the current literary scene. He has received various awards, including the prestigious Hammett Award for Best Crime Novel, the Tormo de Las Casas Ahorcadas Award, the Novela Café de Gijón Award, and the Ciudad de Getafe Black Novel Award. He is considered one of the most promising Canarian writers of his generation.

According to award-winner Lorenzo Silva, “[Ravelo] shows that crime novels in Spain are much more than Madrid and Barcelona, and that a forceful and important criminal story can be served from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.”


What critics said about A Guy With a Bag Over His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza:

“Alexis Ravelo is unique in his approach to crime fiction. In this novel he offers a different point of view and a risky use of narrative that works throughout.” – El País.

“Inside this bag is not only the head of a man, but also the rotting entrails of a corrupt society.” – Negra y Mortal

“Shocking, claustrophobic (more for poor Gabriel with the bag on his head). The portrait of a town in Spain that, unfortunately, is much more real and frequent than would be desirable.” – El buho entre libros (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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