A Kiss in Your Future (Un beso en tu futuro)

Love will always be more complicated than it seems.

Nancy is a freshman in highschool and puberty has hit her like a ton of bricks. Everything she once knew changed the day she spoke with a fortune teller. Her and Jonathan, her childhood bestie, went out to the city of Coyoacán with their mothers and they met a fortune teller who told Nancy about a kiss in her near future.

Throughout the story, Nancy takes us through her daily life, and the changes she has experienced since she was told about the Kiss. To make matters worse, puberty has been unexpectedly very good to Johnathan; he has gone from being the weird, nerdy kid to the most handsome guy in class. Her best friend, who she thought of as her own brother, has turned into the love of her life. However, to her dismay, Johnathan still sees her as just a friend.

Nancy is faced with a skepticism, as she doesn´t know whether to believe the fortune teller. In addition to this, she feels like she could never tell Jonathan … that she is in love with him; and this is eating her up inside. Love is much more complicated than it seems, though, and Nancy´s feelings, something she believed she could control, are put to the test. Aránzazu, the newest (and definitely the prettiest) girl in class has swept Johnathan off his feet. Feelings of jealousy and inferiority overwhelm Nancy, and as if this weren´t enough, she realizes that the new girl is an amazing friend. Mario, Aránzazu´s cousin, is also added to the mix and shows interest towards Nancy. But, Nancy isn´t the only one at her school who is keeping secrets, and she´s going to need patience, a good attitude and just a little bit of luck to avoid getting her feelings hurt… or hurting anybody else’s. And, of course, to get her awaited kiss.


RELEVANT DATA: Raquel Castro has published more than 10 novels and is especially recognized in the Children and Young Adult genre. She has several prestigious writing awards like the Gran Angular Award for her work in young adult literature and the National Journalism Award.

A Kiss in your Future (Un beso en tu futuro) is a humorous story that balances the value of friendship, tolerance and feelings, in a moment as fickle and delicate as puberty. This is why many young people immediately feel identified with the story and its characters.


What the critics have said:

“A Kiss in Your Future (Un beso en tu futuro) is a story of growth and self-discovery, as well as discovery of love, in early adolescence. As in her other books, current issues are crucial.” – Alberto Chimal (Periódico Milenio)

“Raquel Castro writes about urban tribes, love, parties, adolescence and self-discovery… and that we really only have ourselves in the end.” – Chilango (Editorial)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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