A Mile High Noir Saga

A dark mix of gangsters from the north of Denver and Catholicism.  

Gus Corral lives in the north of Denver. His wife just left him and, for his own disgrace, he still works and lives in the store that she owns. Gus needs the money. One of his Friends from school, Artie Baca, asks him for his help in a bribery. A thousand dollars would come in Handy to Corral, but everything changes when they are in a check that his friend was carrying in his pocked when the police found him dead.

Thus, Gus will have to clean his name and to search for answers regarding the murder of Artie, immersing himself not only in dangerous waters watched by the Mexican cartels that control the drug in Denver, but also in a part of himself that he didn’t even know.

After a time in jail, Gus gets out and works as an investigator for his lawyer, Luis Montez, who was an activist during the Chicano movements that arose between 1960 and 1970.

Montez is tired of his life as a lawyer, but he still has some sharp cases to solve. Some of them have to do with Corral’s past as member of a street gang, but another particular one gets the attention of Montez: a woman called María Contreras arrives to his office very worried because her husband’s business partner is asking for his part of a business that she knows nothing about. Montez gives the case to Corral, but the dead husband of Miss Contreras is not the only corpse that will stand in the way of the resolution of the case.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Manuel Ramos is a retired lawyer. Born in Colorado, he has written nine novels and short stories. He has been awarded twice with the Colorado Book Award, the Chicano/Latino Award, and the Colorado Authors League Award.  He has several honorary mentions in the Latino Book International Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.