A Million Drops (Un millón de gotas)

Innocent people are not afraid of monsters. Children are not afraid of evil.

Gonzalo Gil is an ordinary man with an ordinary life: he has a family he loves and an average lawyer job, which he does not particularly enjoy. In addition, he has to face the manipulative attempts of his overbearing father-in-law, an all-powerful man who sees everything. However, no one can be so transparent in a society where innocence does not exist and when he hears news that his sister Laura has taken her own life, his boring and monotonous life will quickly turn upside down.

Gonzalo had always been very close to his sister as a child, but as they grew older, their relationship became more distant through the years. Getting involved in the investigation of her death, he discovers that she is suspected of having tortured and murdered the Russian mobster who long ago kidnapped and killed her young son. This will put a strain on the fragile thread that holds the balance of his life as a father and husband in place.

What seems to be nothing more than revenge is only the beginning of a tortuous path that will make Gonzalo have to face dark aspects of his past and his family´s – aspects that perhaps he would have preferred never to confront. He will have to delve into the fascinating story of his father, Elías Gil, the great hero of the resistance against fascism. The young engineer from Asturias (Spain), Elías, who traveled to the USSR committed to the ideals of the revolution; he was betrayed, arrested and confined to the dreadful island of Nazino, to later become a key character, admired and feared, of the darkest years of our country.

A journey from the times of the great utopias in the Soviet Union of the 1930s to the civil war, the concentration camps in France, World War II and the internal resistance against Franco’s regime.

A great story of ideals betrayed, of lives shaken by an implacable destiny, a visceral and profound story of enduring love and delayed revenge; an intense literary thriller that travels without respite through European history.


RELEVANT DATA: Victor del Árbol is the great writer titled the Man of the Order of Arts and Letters (by the French Ministry of Culture) of the crime novel, and his style is highly acclaimed by critics and readers. It has even been said that his novels go beyond the classic codes of the thriller.

Among his many distinctions, he has received the Nadal Award, the Tormo Negro of Crime Novels Award, the Quercy Noir Award, the Prix du Polar Européen for best noir novel, the Fernando Lara Award and the Tiflos of Novels Award.


Critics have said: “There is a Spanish author who can stand up to the Scandinavian crime novel: Víctor del Árbol”.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: English, Spanish, French, Polish.

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