A Season With You Series (Serie Una estación contigo)

More than Just a Summer | All My Autumn | It’ll Always be Winter | Just One Spring

Twelve months, four young adults and thousands of experiences.

In More than Just a Summer (Más que un verano), The Donaldson family arrives in Lostlake to enjoy summer vacation as they do every year. However, this is not just another summer for Aria. The hell of the last few months in high school is finally over, or at least that’s what she thinks, as she prepares for a new phase of her life in college.

When Aria meets Max Evans in the village, she realizes that her intention to live this summer to the fullest is not going to go as smoothly as she thought it would.

Max Evans was the star quarterback from her high school football team… and former boyfriend of Aria’s cousin Lea. He was the one who plunged them both into social misery during the last few months of high school.

Aria never thought Max would show up in the town where she and her cousin always spent their summers. His parents have bought a house near where the Donaldson’s live and that will lead to a friendship between their families. Max will gradually win over Aria’s parents and become close friends with her twin brothers, Sean and Cam.

The more time she shares with Max, the more she will discover that he is not the boy she had known in high school and that will lead her to question herself and want to get to know him more.

In All My Autumn (Todo mi otoño), Sean and Cam go back to college. Sean is a quarterback on the football team- partying, womanizing and a little cocky. However, since Aria has found love, he would like the right person to cross his path. And that’s when Olivia enters Sean’s life.

By chance, and on the run from someone else, Olivia sneaks into Sean’s room; a first chance encounter that begins a relationship full of push and pull, and uncertainties.

While she struggles to keep her rule of not getting too close to anyone, Sean must decide whether, in addition to letting her sneak into his apartment, he will allow her to sneak into his heart.

Late fall brings a terrible event for the Donaldson family: the death of Aria, Sean and Cam’s father. This prompts Cam to rethink his life and return to town in It’ll Always Be Winter (Siempre será invierno). There, away from his twin and the rest of his friends, hurt and pained by the world, is where he will again meet Maverick, his first love.

Maverick was the neighbor across the street, and spent practically all day with them, especially Cam. As they grew older, they spent more and more time alone in their tree cabin, where more than just a friendship eventually developed.

The feud of their respective families was always present and that is why no one ever knew or imagined that the relationship between Cam and Maverick would go to the next level. Maverick was Cam’s first love and also the first heartbreak when she disappeared without saying goodbye seven years ago. Until now.

Cam has to struggle with the rage he feels upon seeing her again only to hear the young woman’s explanations after her sudden disappearance.

In Just One Spring (Solo una primavera), Lea lives a very complicated last semester of high school. Lea used to be one of the most popular girls in high school until, due to a mistake, she ended up without a boyfriend and with an explicit video of her leaked to her classmates, who never stopped judging and humiliating her. Her senior year is proving to be a real hell, particularly because of Connor, the real culprit for the video being leaked.

Just when Lea thinks she is finally going to finish the course, Jared Payne, Connor’s brother, shows up. Jared has returned to town after not showing up for a long time, and it doesn’t take long for him to show interest in Lea. She is suspicious of his intentions because of her relationship to Connor and her strong inner desire to run away to college and start a new life there.

However, Lea and Jared will start a relationship that will gradually make the young people get to know themselves better and begin a process of maturity, healing their respective wounds of the past to face a new life together.


RELEVANT DATA: As in the acclaimed Bridgerton saga, in A Season with You (Una estación contigo) we follow the adventures and misadventures of the members of the same family, but set in the present day.

A Season with You (Una estación contigo) is a feel-good family saga composed of four novels in which we follow and see the evolution of the different members of a family. Being a very choral work, full of plots and subplots, A Season with You (Una estación contigo) is the perfect work for the creation of long-form audiovisual content.

The story is set in a fictitious place and has no local components that root the story to a specific geographical area, thus facilitating adaptation to any location.

Victoria Vilchez is a Spanish writer well known in the world of romance literature. She has numerous published novels in the new adult, fantasy and contemporary romance genres, including the Before saga (Saga Antes de), whose first novel earned her a nomination for Best New Author in the Rosa Romántica Awards and the second won the Rosa Romántica Award for Best National Young Adult Romance Novel.

The author has thousands of followers on her social media profiles, where she shares content about her novels.


What the critics say:

“Victoria for me is always a safe bet. She creates stories that conquer, and this is another book that has joined my list of favorites.” Goodreads

“With her magnificent writing, she surpasses herself more and more. In the case of this book, it has all the perfect ingredients for maximum enjoyment. Her characters captivate, each and every one of them, Lostlake’s scenes are so intense and detailed that it feels like we are right there with them, and the plot is sensational.” Amazon

“This author is a multi-talented one, whether she writes you a cute children or young adult story or a more adult one or one full of fantasy, exceling in each subgenre.” La Narradora


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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