Hawks of the sea (Águila azul) (Serie TV)

A pirate like no other.

Everyone knows that pirates are unscrupulous criminals, wanderers who would sell their own mother for a handful of gold coins, individuals who only think about the next loot… But Captain Blue Eagle couldn’t be more different.

Since Blue Eagle was released from prison after being jailed for assaulting the slave trade, he sails the seas looking for adventures and wrongdoers to defeat, dangerous enemies that threaten his cherished ideals: justice, freedom, and human rights.

And although Blue Eagle has left behind his old noble and comfortable life, he has never stopped being a gentleman. Wherever he goes, maidens fall in love with him, but his heart is faithful to the beautiful María Mantilla. Week by week, chapter by chapter, page by page, the most terrible dangers lurk around every corner, and Blue Eagle must do the impossible to defeat them.


RELEVANT DATA: Blue Eagle, originally released in 1936 in the form of weekly strips, is one of Will Eisner’s earliest works, one of the most important figures in comics. Almost a century later, Hawks of the Seas compiles all the publications of this entertaining universe. Recognized as one of the most influential illustrators in history, Will Eisner was the recipient of numerous awards, such as the Haxtur Awards. The Eisner Awards, known as the Oscars of the graphic novel, were named in honor of this incredible artist.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.