Love and Gin Tonic (Amor y gin tonic)

Love, work, and lots of Gin

Abi is happy: she’s been part of the team at Eve Care – a French luxury cosmetics company – for 10 years, she’s in a stable relationship with her boyfriend Mario, and she always has Sara and Loreto, her two best friends who are like sisters to her. She believes she’s on cloud nine when her boss notifies her of two changes: an audit from France to restructure the office and, thanks to those changes, a high probability of being promoted.

Moreover, Mario invites her to dinner to give her a “news” and Abi is convinced that he will propose to her. But things don’t go as expected. She breaks up with Mario. Ends up having a two-day gin-tonic binge and when she arrives at work on Monday, with a killer hangover, her boss introduces her to Hugo Tous, an employee of the external consulting firm that will conduct the audit and the most handsome man to ever step foot in Eve Care. Abi must guide him through the company and support him in everything he needs.

Can she maintain a purely professional relationship despite Hugo’s immediate attraction to her? Her promotion depends on it.

In this fun romantic comedy, Abi must prove that she is capable of taking the reins of her life between gin-tonic and gin-tonic.


RELEVANT DATA: Love and Gin Tonic is a hilarious romantic comedy where the princesses are brave and the princes are asleep. In just 4 days, the protagonist’s life takes an unexpected turn, facing her future and her ideal of love. In the process, Abi will mature, understand that she must make peace with the pain of her past to fully live, and will know that she doesn’t need the company of any man to be happy.

This novel is part of a trilogy of stories – Love and Tequila, Love in Vein, and Love and Gin Tonic – about three friends who have known each other since they were six years old: Sara, Loreto, and Abi. While they connect with each other and are part of the same universe, each story is independent. However, it is here where the friendship between them is detailed the most.

María José Vela is Mexican by birth and lives in Madrid. She has a degree in Business Administration and, after years in the finance world, one day decided to leave everything to dedicate herself to writing. She has a Master’s in Literary Creation from the International University of Valencia.


What readers have said:

“Definitely, Love and gin-tonic is a fresh, original, and fun novel, full of absurd moments and with more than one surprise in the plot. Don’t miss it.” Blog Anika entre libros.

“I can only recommend reading Love and gin-tonic by María José Vela if you want to enjoy a good romantic comedy, I assure you it is addictive and very funny. Perfect to brighten up sad days, to read a fresh and well-written story.” Blog Carmen en su tinta.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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