Serial killers in Mexico: A look into their criminal mind (Asesinos seriales en México: Una mirada a su psique criminal)

Those who terrorized an entire country

The 21 most iconic cases of serial killers in Mexico, from 1986 to 2021. Starting with the Sadists of Matamoros—a couple united by love and murder—Filiberto Cruz Monroy takes an exhaustive journey in the form of a chronicle. A book that looks at Mexico’s major cities, but also its outskirts.

It explores, during the 90s, the cases of Matameretrices—who killed more than 20 women—, Jorge Riosse—the serial killer of prostitutes—, the Cannibal of Chihuahua—who is believed to have killed up to 30 children—, or the Railroad Killer—responsible for at least 23 homicides.

In the first decade of the 2000s appear the Sadist—the military man who killed homosexuals—, the Old Lady Killer—convicted of the homicide of 16 elderly women—, the Bordo de Xohiaca Jackal—who kidnapped his victims in a white taxi—, the Cannibal of Guerrero—who devoured his victims—, the Young Girls’ Killer and the Taxi Drivers’ Killer.

From 2011 emerge characters like El Coqueto—the bus driver who killed female travelers on his bus—, the Chihuahua Dismemberer—an organized, sedentary, and hedonistic killer—, La Madrina—leader of a housejacking gang, a technique that consists of violent assault and massive robbery of a property—, the Tinaco Killer—who killed 16 women—, the Monsters of Ecatepec—a couple of serial killers—, the Monster of Toluca—a serial killer by paternal inheritance—, the Bridegroom Killer—who cut a lock of hair from his victims as a “trophy”—and the Butcher of Atizapán—who killed and dismembered at least 30 women—.

Additionally, the author reflects on the episode of femicides in Ciudad Juárez. The profiles gathered here have one thing in common: all were betrayed.


RELEVANT DATA: Filiberto Cruz is an investigative journalist. His first successful chronicle was about the arrest of the Cannibal of Guerrero. In this title, making use of documents and official files, journalistic notes, and personal reflections on the cases, Filiberto provides a peripheral look at serial killers in a country where violence is normalized.


What the critics have said:

“This work highlights the issue of impunity and legal loopholes in Mexico, which do not contribute to justice being served.” Grisel Chan.

“Serial Killers in Mexico goes beyond the description of cases that shook society at the time […] This is a book thoroughly researched by Filiberto Cruz Monroy that leads us, as I already mentioned, to many reflections as members of a society that shows us faces and events we wish had never occurred, with a reading that doesn’t allow you to put it down” – Diario de Yucatán.

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