Autumn Roses (Rosas de otoño)

This family melodrama has in its center the married life of two high class couples. Isabel is on her second marriage with Gonzalo, owner of an important company and a man who lives a double life. Most of the time, Isabel is pitied by her friends for the numerous affronts of her husband that she justifies saying he does not realize he is hurting her. María Antonia and Pepe are the other couple. María Antonia is the daughter of Gonzalo’s first marriage. Pepe is interested in other women. Both Pepe and Gonzalo will fall into Josefina’s trap, the antagonist in the story. María Antonia has a very good relationship with her step-mother Isabel. Both women share the same problem: their husbands are clearly cheating on them. The older endures with solemn dignity but the younger one cannot stand it anymore and gets closer to Manuel, a man that truly appreciates her. Laura, an intimate friend of her, single and rich, owner of her own life, approves this relationship but Isabel will do everything in her power to avoid her step-daughter to abandon her marriage for this new love.


RELEVANT FACTS: This story has a high potential to become a TV series. High class main characters share the experience of jealousy, power struggle and conflict of interests where passion overflows amongst economic and social motives. The book was adapted into the film of same name, directed by Juan de Orduña in 1943. It was also adapted into television format.

Benavente won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1922. He treated all the theatrical genres and developed a broad gallery of human characters. Many of his plays have been taken to cinema with success and many versions for TV have been made. Benavente’s dialogues are excellent, full with irony. He has been compared to Oscar Wilde.




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