Banana Street

Heroine or assassin?

Isabel Tierra Frias is a twenty-five-year-old Mexican woman who learned to survive with her family in the slums and to deal with the impunity of abusers, criminals, and authorities. She is strong, brave, cunning, temperamental and, above all, aware of her reality. Despite this, she has no choice but to flee to northern Mexico in search of refuge. However, when she arrives in Juaritos, she finds that femicides occur everywhere, and that is a reality from which she cannot escape.

Isabel is then presented with her dream opportunity: to impart the justice that she never received. She becomes “The Revenge”, a nickname she gives herself after becoming a hooded assassin who mercilessly kills rapists, criminals and other undesirable beings that cross her path. Her weapon, a gun with magical qualities, that never has to be reloaded, leaves no material traces, has an infinite number of bullets and can disappear (and reappear) when she is in grave danger. She has nicknamed it “The Cock” (“La Verga”).


RELEVANT DATA: Banana Street is a fast-paced novel with a strong and empowered female protagonist who seeks justice in a sexist, corrupt and violent world.

Macaria España is a Mexican journalist, teacher and writer. In addition to various novels, she is the author of several pieces in more than a dozen anthologies. As a writer she has received several literary awards, among them she was a finalist in the “Palabras Malditas” Short Story Contest and received Honorable Mention in the short story category of the Literary Award of León. She has also been published in regional newspapers and has received support from the Stimulus Program for Artistic Creation and Development in the category “Creators with trajectory”, and the Young Creators grant from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts. In addition, for one of her investigative journalistic works, she was awarded the Journalistic Production Grant from the International Center for Journalists.


What the critics have said:

“The author takes the reader to another reality through Isabel Tierra Frías, a victim who does not refuse to renounce justice, a heroine who decides to eliminate the femicides on her own in the face of the evident failure of the institutions. One more character in the long list of anti-heroes published by Nitro/Press in its Nitro Noir collection.” Milenio

“Macaria España’s literature recreates overwhelming and crude current affairs.” Zócalo


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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