Beats (An Original TV Series Project)

Today, fame seems to be achieved only through one way: popularity in social media. In the Beats Academy of Performing Arts, the students know it. The young dancers and musicians get, from the renowned academy, the best possible training in order to make a good living from their art. Some will ambitiously polish their talent, while others like Tatiana and Mery will fight to get the most followers in social media; Álvaro and Kike will fall into the world of alcohol and drugs; Yaiza is scared to love who she really wants because of how her family might react; Lara loses her trust in her teacher, who makes empty promises, taking advantage of the hopes and dreams of the students: to become a star in show business.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Peñarrocha is a Spanish film director and screenwriter with a very long and successful career. He was involved in international projects such as Arritmia and María Montez. He was a screenwriter and director of very successful TV series like UPA DanceHay alguien ahí, Ángel o demonio and La fuga.

He was work as an assistant of American directors like Jim McBride, Nicholas Meyer and Katherine Bigelow.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series format.


THEMES: Social Media, Music, Academy, Performing Arts, Friendship, Love, Dream, Rivalry, Ambition, Drugs, Sexual Abuse, Adolescence, Prostitution, Suicide.

GENRE: Drama.