Beautiful Dorotea (La bella Dorotea)

Daughter of the village chief, Dorotea’s largest goal in life is getting married. However, all her attempts to get married get shut down by the neighbors’ gossip saying that the young boys only seduce her because of her money. In her latest attempt, her fiancé left her alone in the altar. Being desperate, Dorotea decides to never take off her wedding dress and starts to walk around the village stirring her neighbor’s conscience.


RELEVANT FACTS: Some critics rate this as the best play written by Mihura. It perfectly recreates how gossip and badmouthing works within a group of people. It has three TV adaptations.

Mihura was a playwright, journalist and screenwriter, considered the main inventor of the Theatre of the Absurd, and the most outstanding comedian in Spanish language through the 20th century. Mihura wrote the scripts of more than twenty-five movies, among which stands out “Welcome Mr. Marshall”, a film directed by Luis García Berlanga in 1952.




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