Before Saga (Saga Antes de)

Before you say goodbye – Tell me you’ll dance with me | Before you decide to leave me | Tell me you’ll marry me  | Before you say I love you

Often, the difficult part is not believing in love, but realizing that you have found it.

Ari, Lucas, Becca, Jota, Lucia and Nico are a group of college friends who have become inseparable. They meet at the Level bar after class.

Ari has spent an entire year running away from every guy who approaches her. She wants nothing to do with men. Lucas, on the other hand, bounces from girl to girl looking for no-strings-attached fun. But, ever since him and Ari met a year ago, they share many traditions, like movie nights, intense study days and, most important of all: dancing together to the last song at parties before Lucas leaves with another girl. After a romantic slip-up over the summer, Ari decides to put distance between the two of them. When she realizes that Lucas is in love with her and is applying to transfer to another college, she decides to confess her love to him at Level bar. She does this by singing the first song they ever danced to together, and thus begins their first stable relationship.

Becca arrives in Madrid after fleeing from the toxic relationship she had with her partners and moves in with Lucia and Jota, Lucia’s cousin. Jota is the typical hunk who thinks that girls swoon at his every move. Despite the fact that Becca is convinced that nothing can happen between them, mostly because Jota has the same aggressive outbursts as her ex, they end up going out together. When Becca’s ex shows up at a party he wasn’t invited to, Jota’s attitude immediately changes and he tells Becca that it’s not going to work out between them. However, two weeks after the breakup, Becca starts receiving letters with songs that form the soundtrack to their relationship.

After two years of being together, Lucas secretly plans to propose to Ari. At first, Ari is suspicious of Lucas’ change in attitude and thinks he misses his single life, but Lucas ends up surprising her with a perfect evening. Their wedding brings the group of friends back together.

Some time later, Lucia travels to London to visit her family. What she wasn’t expecting was running into Asher, her first kiss, and this will turn her world completely upside down. Asher is no longer the shy boy she knew, he is part of a band and a total heartthrob. Lucia and Asher’s reconnection will make them realize that their chemistry is still intact and they decide to make up for lost time.


RELEVANT DATA: Victoria Vílchez is a reference in the New Adult literary genre in Spain, conquering thousands of female readers. She is the first Spanish author to publish these types of novels, starring characters who are beginning to leave adolescence behind and entering adulthood, usually set in the university, and which contain large doses of sensuality, sex, and drama.

The Before saga (saga Antes de) brings together the love stories of three young couples with an agile and fresh rhythm similar to Love Actually and Modern Love.


What the critics have said:

Before (Antes de) is a saga of contemporary novels with a fresh and entertaining pace that can be read in one sitting. The protagonists are endearing and you become very fond of them. A style of writing that delivers some beautiful romances.” Una lectora salvaje (literary blog)

“Victoria (the author) knew how to engage me, and she did it in a way that a good novel of this genre should, through the feelings that the main characters exude.” Blog La Pluma del Ángel Caído (Blog literario)

“Fun, romantic, erotic, passionate y addictive” Chica Sombra (Blog literario)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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