A party like no other.

Víctor is a popular and funny guy, while Martin is just the opposite… precautious, introverted and quite the over-thinker. Nevertheless, they are best friends and this unlikely pair meet two girls through a chat room online. They almost can´t believe that these two beautiful and charming women have given them the time of day.

They are invited to an exclusive party in the woods. Apparently, there will be a bunch of different party rooms and free drinks. Two guys, two girls, a fun party… what could possibly go wrong?

Upon arriving at the party, the security guards at the door inform all of the guests that they must download an app on their phones. Everyone obliges, including Víctor and Martin, and once they do, a stopwatch with a countdown starting at 3 and a half hours appears. They also notice that there are rules on the screen that read: first, you must enter the party one by one; second, once you exit the party, you will not be allowed back in; and lastly, enjoy yourself. It seems rather strange, but this is not enough for them to back out and they proceed into the party. As soon as they enter separately in to the building, Víctor and Martin are unable to find each other again. This causes the feeling of apprehension and suspicion to skyrocket. Anguish and fear grow as the time on the countdown keeps ticking.

The plot unfolds in a series of ¨party rooms¨, a kind of parallel dimension, that causes the two friends to live surreal and confusing moments, along with strange music that hypnotizes them and influences them to do things that they normally wouldn’t.  As the plot thickens, they will discover that the party is hosted by Snuff, a cult. By the end, one of the main characters is murdered, and the other only survives on one condition: giving up his normal life to be a part of the cult.

The entire night was being broadcasted live to a group of people who are betting on who will survive this hellish party.


RELEVANT DATA: This novel was a finalist for the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award, chosen amongst more than 1,500 works from 19 countries. It was also included on the OEPLI list of honor as one of the 30 most meaningful and outstanding young adult books.

Jorge Gómez Soto and David Fernández Sifres have received several of the most prestigious awards within Spanish young adult literature. Some to highlight would be the El Barco de Vapor Award, Gran Angular Award finalists (twice), and the Jaén Award, the Alandar de literatura juvenile Award, and the Ala Delta de Literatura Infantil Award, etc.


What the critics have said:

«An original and very intense novel that captures the reader’s attention from the very first moment… the end is the most impressive». Carmen Fernández Etreros from Top Cultural.

«A book that leaves you breathless. Distressing at times, claustrophobic, dark and disturbing…». Pepe Trívez from Apalabrazos.

«All of the details are well taken care of, they create an atmosphere of tension, mystery and secrecy that easily transmits that paranoid feeling that the two friends are experiencing». Ricardo Cuesta from El templo de las mil puertas.

«Fernández Sifres and Gómez Soto generate and increase the suspense that is fed by the details throughout the novel and culminates in a shocking ending»Lidia Casado from Anika entre Libros.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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