CAR Saga (Saga CAR)

I want to live out loud | And love you in stereo

Sports, rivalry, love and lots of secrets.

Andrés and Arturo Claramunt are twins who have dedicated their whole life to the same objective: becoming the best tennis players in history. The boys spend most of their days at a High-Performance Center (HPC) in the Catalan coast, living with other elite athletes, such as their sister Aitana, her childhood friend Nicki, or Arturo’s biggest rival, Christian.

The HPC is also the origin of an unexpected romance between Arturo and Christian a relationship they must keep in the shadows to not upset the conservative Claramunt family. While the love story between the two tennis players develops, the rest of the Claramunt siblings experience their own love affairs and heartbreaks. Aitana must deal with her feelings for Patrick, who believes he can’t fall in love with someone he’s having casual sex with. Meanwhile, Andrés begins a relationship with Nicky, which proves to be an emotional roller-coaster.

Everything changes when the center’s gossip account, SENTICAR, uncovers the secrets that the young athletes had managed to hide up until then. The group, especially Arturo, must now pick up the pieces of the bombs that have just exploded and decide what to do with them.

The HPC saga is an emotional coral story full of romance, endearing moments, laughs and even eroticism, where drama and unspeakable secrets add an addictive tension to it all.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The two installments of the HPC saga, I want to live out loud and And love you in stereo, have been praised by the readers. The sequel positioned itself as the most popular Family Fiction novel on Amazon Spain at its release, entering the top 300 for best-selling books of the moment.

The author, Susana Herrero, was awarded the Jaén Prize for Youth Narrative. Herrero has been praised by readers as a great young adult romance writer, and she has other highly popular works such as the Cabana saga.


What the readers have said:

“All of her characters are incredible, and they’re brilliantly built. They’ve made me feel so many emotions; I’ve laughed, cried, suffered with them when bad things happened, been moved with them when good things happened, and they’ve made me happy. I felt like I belonged to their group of friends while reading it and, to me, that’s incredible”. Goodreads

“I’m fascinated by how well it’s written. Fascinated by the very different structures she develops throughout the book. Fascinated by the number of characters (main and secondary) she presents and develops so masterfully that each and every one of them is a well-rounded character.” GoodReads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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