Susanna Herrero

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Susanna Herrero, born in Bilbao, studied Law at the University of Deusto, and afterwards she specialized in Economic Law.

She’s been passionate about literature since she was a kid, and the many hours she spent travelling alone due to her former job gave her enough time to start coming up with her own stories. Eventually, she dropped out from Law School to dedicate her life to her true passion, writing.

The author started publishing books in 2016, and she specializes in Young Adult, Romance and Fantasy.



Susanna Herrero has been awarded the Jaén Narrative Award, which was a highlight in her literary career.

The author’s work has been a success among readers as well. Some of her books, such as the CAR saga, have reached the top of Amazon’s bestseller rankings and they have thousands of reviews in literary blogs and the platform GoodReads. Due to the great popularity of her books, Susanna Herrero has a notable success in social media, as she’s reached around 15.000 followers on Instagram.