Cabana Series (Serie Cabana)

That Last Summer | The Boy in the Back Row | The Last Time I Saw Rain | The Last Place on Earth | The Last Minute of our Lives | We Are the Last Summer 

The love of your life has always been there.

The Cabana siblings are adventurous, Mediterranean, easy-going beach lovers. Priscila, Hugo, River, Adrián and Marcos, in addition to being siblings, share something very special: their predilection for challenge and love affairs. The Cabana series tells the story of each of the siblings, their day to day in the small town from Alicante where they spend their summers, where they learn something new each year.

Priscila Cabana is the youngest of the group. She’s a sensitive young girl, smart and a bit cheesy.  She met Alex when they were kids, and in that very moment a connection between the two was created. As soon as they reached their teens, their friendship turned into something more. But one summer, Priscilla has to move to America because of a secret from the past, distancing her from Alex for four years. However, they’ll meet once again in the wedding of Pricilla’s brother and Alex’s friend Marcos. Although they decide to take a second chance, rebuilding trust won’t be an easy task. In the end, they realize that all their problems are caused due to a misunderstanding caused by lack of communication.

Hugo is the middle son of the Cabana family. He’s a 29-year-old boy who’s very calm, shy and a fan of sports. He’s a veterinarian, and he works in the same small town he was born in. Although his career has already taken shape, he’s yet to meet that special man who’ll make him want to settle down. Until he meets Dylan.

Dylan, only 26, is the trendiest singer now. One day, Hugo’s friends convince him to go to a Dylan concert, where they meet, an undeniable chemistry between the two. Their relationship will be filled with ups and downs since they have no choice but to have a long-distance relationship, but they’ll learn to do whatever they can to be together.

River is the oldest sibling. He’s an atractive and protective man who’s a bit conceited. He has a double life: unknown to his siblings, he’s an agent for the National Intelligence Centre.

He’s still in love with his ex-wife Cataline, whom he started dating when they were quite young, but she asked for a divorce and moved to another country. A year later, Catalina returns to Alicante and River discovers that River is an agent for the NIC who married her in order to investigate her father, the town’s mayor who’s up in some sketchy business. There’s an incredible tense situation between River and Cataline, where Catalina will have to accept his ex-husband’s real identity and River will have to learn to get over their breakup.

Marcos is the second oldest of the Cabana siblings. He’s very outgoing, and although he pretends to be a proud playboy, he’s incredibly scared of intimacy and isn’t ready to give out his heart yet.

On the other hand, Mencia is an open and determined girl who works for the Department of Internal Affairs, and she’s come to Alicante because there’s a mole among the GEO (the police tactical unit) and she’s the one who has to find them.

One day, both strangers meet in an elevator, but it stops because of a breakdown, and they’re stuck together. She’s terribly scared of elevators, but Marcos reassures her by making up he’s actually a repairman and everything is going to be okay. When they finally get out of the elevator, they vent to each other between laughs and kisses. They don’t give each other their phone numbers, so they don’t keep in touch. But to their surprise, they meet once again at work, because Marcos works for the GEO. From that moment on, they’ll have to spend time together and cooperate, and their story will end in a beautiful wedding.

Adrián is the second youngest of the bunch. He’s the kindest and most sensitive one in the family, and he has a special connection with Priscila. Adrián falls in love with a girl called Álex, who’s spontaneous, fun, and very well-educated, whom he’ll have a very passionate and explosive relationship with.

All in all, these fun and adventurous siblings will bring us with them through their love misadventures, relationships, and life, in a thrilling and unique journey.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Cabana series is a fresh, fun and young romantic dramedy saga of six books: That Last Summer, The Boy in the Back Row, The Last Time I Saw Rain, The Last Place on Earth, The Last Minute of our Lives, and We Are the Last Summer.

Much like The Summer I Turned Pretty, the Cabana series has a large main cast, and it follows the family adventures and misadventures of these young siblings. The series is fully contemporary, and it has all the ingredients needed to become a popular New Adult TV show project with many seasons.

This saga has hundreds of reviews in literary blogs and platforms that back up its romantic potential and guarantee that the series is incredibly addictive.

Susanna Herrero is one of the biggest voices in Spanish romance and young adult literature right now. What they’ve said about her:

“[The Cabana Series] has become one of the most loved romance series in the country.” InfoLiteraria (Blog)

“Susanna Herrero has become of of my favorite writers. I love her fresh and fun writing style. The way she makes you empathize with the characters. The way she includes everyday drama in their stories, in a funny and light way, it’s almost magical.” Arianne Martín (Blog)

“There’s a before and after these series […] out of the six books, there isn’t one single Cabana I haven’t liked.” La Libreta de Nani (Blog)

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and English.

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