The most endearing and popular star in Spain.

Carmen Sevilla, “the bride of Spain”, is one of the great Spanish film, television and music legends of the late 20th century.

At the age of twelve, the Sevillian artist performed for the first time on stage. At seventeen, she made her first debut in cinema and, from then on, her charm and talent led her to participate in numerous national and international films and series as an actress and, later, as a television hostess. She reached fame and received accolades at a young age, occupying, with her great charisma and authenticity, an important place in the hearts of several generations of Spaniards.

During the last stage of her life, she balanced appearances in television programs with the breeding of her sheep on her famous cattle ranch. Carmen Sevilla, in addition to being an artist, was a mother, grandmother, livestock farmer and a great philanthropist. She has been one of the great pioneers in caring for people with disabilities.

In 2015, her Alzheimer’s disease was made public. That little girl who at a very young age would run away from home fascinated by watching dancers’ rehearsals, who soon reached stardom becoming “Carmen de España”(“Carmen of Spain”), made a career in Hollywood and the Americas and who never lost her authenticity nor feared to show her fragility. She made millions of Spaniards cry with laughter with her Sevillian grace and spent her last years retired from public life surrounded by her children and grandchildren.


RELEVANT DATA: José Aguilar and Miguel Losada take us on a journey through the entire filmography and biography of Carmen Sevilla, a public figure with so much charisma and authenticity that these qualities practically overshadowed her beauty. Although today she is still remembered and adored in each and every Spanish home, Carmen Sevilla had a great moment of fame in Classic Hollywood cinema and the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

José Aguilar is a writer and film journalist specializing in Spanish cinema, well known for his biographies and essays dedicated to great figures of Spanish cinema.

Miguel Losada, in addition to poetry and essays, is a film critic both in the press and on radio and television, appearing on programs such as Noche de cine and Vivir de Cine. He is well known for his books on cinema.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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