Chanel Kisses (Besos de Chanel)

¿Does money bring happiness?

Valeria Cifuentes has it all. Immense wealth, a stable marriage, and a wonderful child. But her life takes a turn when she’s diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her husband Diego, busy with his cattle ranching business, decides to hire Ivan, his stable hand, to accompany her to her chemotherapy sessions. There’s just one problem — Valeria can’t stand him. She doesn’t want anyone glued to her 24/7, especially not someone who, despite being a mere worker and younger than her, doesn’t idolize her like the rest of the staff but rather systematically opposes her.

Of course, Ivan can’t stand her either, viewing her as a spoiled and unpleasant rich woman. However, Ivan has been working for the Cifuentes for four years with one ultimate goal: to get revenge on Diego and settle an old score. And what better way to start than by taking away his beloved wife? So, Ivan will do whatever it takes to hide his true feelings and seduce Valeria.

Forced to spend the entire day together, Ivan and Valeria begin to discover a new side of each other. Despite all their clashes, age and class differences, a sincere and passionate love blooms between them that they won’t be able to suppress. With Ivan’s help, Valeria will learn to cherish the little things in life and live as if there’s no tomorrow.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: “Chanel Kisses” is a captivating forbidden love story written by Noelia Medina, better known as “The Taboo-Free Writer.” The author offers an adult romance filled with eroticism, surprises, and, above all, a zest for life. A novel that confirms that the richest person isn’t the one with the most but the one who needs the least.

Noelia Medina, among the most recognized authors in the genre alongside Elizabeth Benavent and Megan Maxwell, has consistently ranked in the top positions on leading platforms for erotic storytelling for ten consecutive years.

As is customary in Medina’s work, “Chanel Kisses” has garnered hundreds of positive reviews on major literary platforms.


What readers have said:

“Impressive. Sneaky tears, spontaneous laughter, and hatred for a few characters.” – Amazon.

“Noelia’s writing is pure fantasy; you read it without realizing it, and you just want to know more and more about what’s going to happen.” – Goodreads.

“A story of fighting against norms and fears, a commitment to the most valuable things: time, laughter, friendship.” – Nextory.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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