Chronicles of the Thirty-eens (Crónicas de la adolestreinta)

Like the awkward teenage years, but in your 30s.

Rita has just turned 30 and feels that her life is like that of a teenager. She suffers from a well-known personality disorder called “thirty-eens”, which occurs when the person who suffers from it develops a “second adolescence” when they reach their thirties.

Rita will experience absolutely hilarious moments that capture the essence of what it is like to go through this new stage. We will see those dreaded hangovers that begin to occur after turning thirty, during which the body is simply not able to get out of bed. We will witness the protagonist having very bad chemistry with almost all her Tinder matches, until a man arrives with whom she finally manages to flow and have a good conversation, but her own insecurities make her feel a terrible fear of messing up and ghosting him. In desperation, she hooks up with a married man and her first ex. Then, her years of motivation to build a career will be replaced by a state of perpetual boredom for having to get up to go to work.


RELEVANT DATA: Chronicles of the thirty-eens (Crónicas de la adolestreinta) is a graphic novel full of absurd and comic situations that anyone who has lived or is living in their thirties can identify with. It is composed of vignettes and texts.

Although the novel is purely focused on the adventures and misadventures of Rita, the main character, throughout the story there is a wide range of characters that contribute to expand the universe and bring different points of view to the audiovisual project, enriching the development of the plot.

Laura Santolaya (P8ladas) is one of the most followed Spanish cartoonists. She has garnered significant fame on Instagram, where she accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers. In addition to her important trajectory on the internet, where she publishes hundreds of animated cartoons, she has published several comics and novels.


What critics say:

“The author knows how to capture situations very well that most of us can identify with, how tastes and priorities change as the years go by.” Goodreads

“Perfect for escaping”. Rumbo a lo desconocido (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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