Collateral Inheritance (Herencias colaterales)

The past kills.

Ernest Claramunt, a distinguished lawyer, makes an agreement with Mrs. Puigmajor, an old woman almost 80 years old. He will pay her a pension for life and, in exchange, her wonderful apartment in the center of Barcelona will be the property of the Claramunt family after her death. However, no one would have thought that the first one to die would be Ernest Claramunt.

After some years, the Claramunt family is struggling to pay Francesca Puigmajor pension, and the woman doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon.

In this choral story, the Claramunts are a family fighting to keep their status, despite them not being in their best moment. Artur, Ernest’s son, is a complete loser, exactly like his mother, and his antagonist is his sister Gisela, who is exactly the opposite.

On the other side is Francesca, who has an unconventional past, and her relationship with her daughter is not easy, as she only sees in her the reflection of her failed marriage. Her daughter Violeta only sees in her mother a strange woman who provokes her nightmares. Francesca will tell her experiences through which we will discover everything that took her to be who she is nowadays, to become the strong woman she is now.

The plot is constantly evolving with a lot of rhythm and dark humor, with the degeneration of the relationships; the death of the head of the Claramunt family, the decadence of the wife; the deterioration of friendships and economic decadence.

Two families who suffer loss, the lack of affection, and many lies inside the family. Two interlaced stories through the years under the same roof, boiling up the tension until it explodes.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Lluis Llort is one of the most charismatic authors specializing in crime novels and dark comedy in Catalan.

He has written over ten novels for adults and more than ten novels for teenagers and children. He has also written the TV series Jet lag for TV3.


What the critics have said:

“To be able to surprise the reader on every page, the author has to take risks. Llort takes a lot of risks, and he is very successful” (Andreu Martín)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan.

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