Covert Miami – Original TV Series Project

Based on the life of undercover agent Izzy Vega.

Covert Miami is based on the life of the successful undercover Cuban-American detective Izzy Vega, and his constant struggle against the Cuban mafia in Miami and New Jersey.

In 1969, the Medina family runs away from Cuba and settles in New Jersey. Izzy, from childhood, has witnessed the dark negotiations of The Corporation, the Cuban mafia in the East coast headed by José Miguel Battle. Izzy’s father’s workshop is the meeting place of The Corporation. However, Izzy eventually turns into a great undercover agent whose mission is to put an end to organized crimes and also the members of his own community and family.

Izzy’s father settles in Miami, and he is called to lead the first multidisciplinary police force in the city, created to fight the high rates of crime controlling the whole area. In spite of his vast expertise, Izzy will have to choose between obeying the law and protecting some family members and old friends. He will have to leave his children behind to dedicate his whole time to the creation of the safest Miami ever.


RELEVANT DATA: The dramatic design is focused on presenting Izzy Vega just the way he is: a real human being, with his flaws and virtues, coping with a very aggressive environment where reality surpasses fiction.

These investigations will take Izzy to meet all sort of amazing characters, and get involved in situations with The Sindicate, the Miami mafia, which has regained the strength it used to have decades ago.

Nowadays, Miami has become “the American capital of fraud”. Fraud to the federal government, to Medicare and Medicad. The cargo theft in Florida has increased so much that, on a national scale, it has positioned the State at the top along with California. From smuggling of gold, electronic devices, jewellery and diamonds, to human trafficking; drug and arms trafficking through the Mexican border; kidnapping and extortion; money laundering; connection of the mafias to the current Islamic extremism and their aim to infiltrate in America; cybernetic crimes like identity theft and credit card cloning; power struggle, local political corruption… Izzy and his colleagues have to face everything




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