Crime is Spelled with an A (Crimen se escribe con A)

Three dates, three alibis, one murderer.

Rebeca Sanz is murdered in her home. Just before she takes her last breath, she manages to write her killer’s name in her own blood, but when she is found, only the initial A remains. In the days prior, she had met three men through a dating service and all three (Arthur, Adrián, and Álvaro) immediately become suspects.

Ariadne, a young, pragmatic, and efficient inspector, is willing to do anything to solve the case, thus she decides to fabricate a false identity in order to go as an undercover agent to meet with the three men. And although she goes under the watchful eye of her partner, inspector Ruben, he is not convinced by her strategy.

The first suspect, Arturo, is a “macho” nightclub owner who is fed up with the nightlife scene. Alvaro is an ordinary man, short, thin, and not at all sexy. Last but not least is Adrián, a man so handsome that Ariadne is left speechless.

As the investigation continues and with the help of Ruth and Nacho, the victim’s best friends, Ariadne and Rubén make progress in the case. They discover that Rebeca was pregnant and did not know who the father was. The main suspects are now Arturo and Adrián. From this point on, they regularly meet with both men to find out more information. What Ariadne did not expect was to fall in love with Adrián, one of the main suspects. After a series of confusing clues, interrogations, and an internal battle to be professional and not succumb to her desires, the inspectors discover that Rebeca had told the possible fathers that she was pregnant before she was murdered. However, despite the initial indications, the culprit turns out to be Álvaro. He had planned everything to frame Adrián as part of his revenge.


RELEVANT DATA: Irene Ferb is a Spanish writer specializing in romance novels. She is a finalist of the Terciopelo (Velvet) Award and the SATSE Short Story Contest.

Crime is Spelled with an A (Crimen se escribe con A) is told through two timelines: the one in which the victim tells her story before she was murdered, and the murder investigation in the present.


What the critics have said:

“It is an addictive, entertaining and original novel. You will become a detective and will accompany our protagonist to find the murderer in a story full of twists and surprises.” Between the Beautiful Books (literary blog)

“A fun and engaging romantic comedy that knows how to maintain the mystery until the end, combines several stories and is so nonsensical at times that a smile pops up without even thinking about it.” No solo leo (literary blog)

“A different story in which you won’t stop laughing, humorous and crazy situations, a crime to be discovered and all in a very original way.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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