David Ribas Series

The Operative | The Terrorist Attack | The Kidnapping | Bombay Express | Bombay: No Way Out | Bombay: Last Revenge | Criminal Code | Terrorist Code | Sabotage Code | Violent Acts | War Acts | The Spanish Spy | Don’t Stay at Home | Spies with No Tomorrow | The relentless spy | The Holy Crimes | Operation Inferno | The Renegade Spy | Contract spy | Murder on Hollywood Boulevard

Revenge will be his only mission.

David Ribas left his job as a special agent for the Spanish intelligence after a tragic event that took place during his honeymoon, when the hotel he was staying at was attacked by terrorists. His wife died in the attack, and he was thought dead too. Ribas was then recruited by Hassena, head of organized crime in Bombay, who trained and enlisted him as an assassin. Meanwhile, Ribas works on a personal mission: getting revenge from those who killed his wife.

In parallel, Julian Fernández, who was once Ribas’ mentor, founds an antiterrorist intelligence organization in Madrid called Cervantes, and he appoints Laura García as Head of Operations. Laura’s first mission will be to kill Ribas, since the Spanish intelligence can’t just let a violent former agent who’s working with mafias walk freely. The mission doesn’t go well. Not only does Laura fail to kill David, but they become partners and, eventually, friends, since Ribas, in an attempt to redeem himself and make new sense of his life, decides to fight exclusively against terrorists and criminals.

But redemption is not an easy path. Laura and David will have to face lies, betrayal, and violence to complete the missions assigned by Cervantes. The world of espionage will be a dirty and extremely dangerous game.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The David Ribas series is a fast-paced action and espionage saga, composed by 20 books, each of which is full of new and exhilarating missions, which remind us of great TV series such as Jack Ryan or Homeland, as well as the acclaimed cinematic saga Bourne.

The David Ribas saga has been a total success among readers, amassing thousands of highly positive reviews. Moreover, it’s reached the top in its category at Amazon best-selling lists on many occasions, and it has been selected for campaigns such as Amazon Prime Reading.


What the critics have said:

“Braganza’s novels enthrall you like movies you just can’t stop watching.” Ashokamitran

“Braganza’s novels hook you in because of the excitement of wanting to know what happens next, because the plot isn’t predictable at all. It’s hard to pinpoint where reality ends and fiction begins.” Masala Dabba

“This series has the best of John Le Carré, Robert Ludlum, and Frederick Forsynth all together: it’s fast-paced, full of cleverness and perfectly tied up together.” Amazon


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