Diamond Village (Villa Diamante)

A woman who fights for her destiny

Ana Elisa and Irene are two very different sisters, both physically and in how they behave, but they’re very close. They live comfortably with their parents until the death of their country’s dictator brings misfortune to the family. From then on, they will be forced to live at their neighbor’s, the Uzcateguis, a family whose only fixation is to place themselves as high as possible in society and to get richer each time.

Once living with the powerful family, Ana Elisa will stay at her sister’s shadow, because Irene has been chosen by the manipulative Graciela Uzcategui as the wife for her son when he returns from Europe. Ana Elisa spends most of her time with Soraya, the cook, while Irene, the “pretty” one, receives all the attention and education suitable for a lady. When close to adolescence, an accident opens a rift between the two sisters: Ana Elisa is raped by Gustavo Uzacategui, head of the family. Graciela finds out and shoots her husband dead. Later, with the help of the policeman Pedro Suárez, Graciela puts Ana Elisa into an asylum where she will give birth to a kid, fruit of the rape that will be born dead. Ana Elisa finds a way out of this situation and goes to an island in the Caribbean, where she will live with Soraya, the house’s former cook. There, her first youth will take place, forging her true character. She will work as a ticket clerk in a club and will establish a nice and sincere friendship with Joan, a transsexual woman who is trying to open her way in the show business at the island. When she grows up, Ana Elisa meets Hugo Hernández, a young handsome rich man, originally from her country who, just like her, has spent a long time away from home.

They fall deeply in love and decide to go back together to the city that gave her so many misfortunes. But now, by Hugo’s side, Ana Elisa comes back placed on the highest of society. What she finds is her sister’s unhappiness, as well as the step-mother’s desperation, drugs and alcohol addict who ismarried now to the policeman Pedro Suárez, responsible for tortures and murders. Hugo and Ana Elisa have a dream: building Villa Diamante, a house that summarizes all their aspirations. In order to do so, they hire the famous Gio Ponti, who will be put in charge of building this impenetrable symbol, with the intention of it lasting forever.


RELEVANT FACTS: The novel was Planeta Award Finalist in 2007. It transmits all the intensity of the high society of convulsed Venezuela between wars.

Boris Izaguirre manages to be a wonderful narrator recreating, in a dazzling way, a whole time.




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