Diary of a Young Broke Rich Woman (Diario de una mujer rica sin dinero)

Starting from scratch after having had the world at your feet.

Leonor’s life was easy and carefree. She lived a “boujee” life, focused on taking care of her son, walking around New York, going to French classes and spending time on social media. All thanks to her husband’s financial support.

But one night everything changes when her husband confesses that he is leaving her for another woman, and not just any woman, but a person Leonor knows well: Esmeralda, her favorite fashion influencer. In addition, her husband tells her that he must leave the apartment and Leonor is forced to make a living on her own, with a tiny allowance with which she must survive in New York. Her friend Fortunato helps her get a job taking care of Victoria, a woman with a very bad temper but with a fascinating life.

Leonor struggles to cope with her new reality and does not take well to the fact that her husband has the perfect life with Esmeralda. On the other hand, Victoria and Leonor become figures of mutual support, both understanding that they have found the support they needed at the right time.

Leonor, beyond looking for the success of material things, needs to find her place in the world. Victoria will accompany her on this journey of profound transformation.


RELEVANT DATA: María Paulina Camejo began her literary career at the age of 19 writing short stories. At the age of 20 she left Venezuela and moved to Miami, where she continued her work.

HarperCollins decided to publish her two novels, making Maria Paulina the youngest Hispanic author to be published by this publishing house. Both novels are published in Spanish and an Italian edition is being prepared, less than a year after their first publication, after exceeding sales projections.

Maria Paulina is also a screenwriter and works full time as a script supervisor at the production company Hemisphere Media, a platform for producing and acquiring Hispanic films for Latin audiences in the United States and South America.

In 2018 Maria Paulina received the City of Miami’s BestSeller Woman Award.


What the critics say:

“Diary of a Rich Broke Woman (Diario de una mujer rica sin dinero) is a story of breakups and feelings […] Love, heartbreak, skyscrapers and the world of influencers in a novel that shows how the person you need the most can be the one you least expect to hurt you.Cuatro.es


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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