Ecoterrorists (Ecoterroristas)

What are you willing to do to fight climate change?

Bianca is a teenager who is finishing high school. To earn some money, she walks her neighbor Jim’s dog. Jim lives in an abandoned factory and, apart from walking his dog, he also asks Bianca to store some mysterious hard disks for him from time to time. Curiosity takes over Bianca, but when she tries to access them from her computer, she is unable to do so.

When Jim passes away suddenly, Bianca receives a message telling her to take the hard disks to a place in Barcelona and to delete the message immediately after. It turns out Jim had been secretly developing a totally eco-friendly way of generating energy, which, of course, goes against the economic interests of the big electric company monopolies.

In this adventure, Bianca meets Axel, Jim’s son, and Lana, a mysterious girl. Both are on the run from the big electric company tycoons, desperately looking for a way to bring Jim’s patent to market before it’s too late.

After a dangerous escape, the group manages to register the patent in Axel’s name. A company promises them success and takes the patent to begin developing the technology. In an unexpected twist, this company turns out to be fraudulent, derailing the group’s goal.


RELEVANT DATA: Ecoterrorists (Ecoterroristas) is a young adult action story with an open ending, perfect to continue developing the story for a second season.

Isaac Palmiola is an international bestselling novelist and screenwriter from Spain. He is the author of several children’s and young adult books that have exceeded 150,000 copies in Spain alone. He has been translated into five languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and Catalan.

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