The winter of the goldfinches (El invierno de los jilgueros)

All is allowed in art and love.

The life of young Brahim unfolds in the streets of Alhucemas, Morocco, where he lives with his mother and older brother, Musa. Each day he watches the fishermen go to work, the children play, and the neighbors chat.

Since Musa returned from the desert after participating in the Green March – the Moroccan invasion of the then Spanish province of the Sahara – he hasn’t been the same and is gradually succumbing to dementia. Brahim will have to learn to take care of both after the sudden death of his mother and will be forced to survive in a new reality, filled with death, illness, and chaos.

Years later, in the 90s, Brahim has left behind his childhood and his hometown to become a sensitive, intelligent, and independent young man. He is now studying at the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan, where he meets his teacher Olga, a young woman from Madrid who has left Spain to see the world and, above all, find herself.

Amidst the streets of this colorful and luminous city, love blossoms between them. Beautiful, but forbidden, it will test the social conventions of a conservative country. Through Brahim, Olga will discover a life full of kindness, hope, and simplicity.


RELEVANT DATA: The Winter of the Goldfinches, winner of the Malaga Novel Prize, is an intimate love story that breaks down cultural barriers between the Arab world and the Western world. With a masterful and delicate touch, Mohamed El Morabet talks about family relationships, identity, art, and passion.

Mohamed El Morabet is one of the new promises of contemporary Spanish literature. Of Maghrebi origin but residing in Spain since childhood, Mohamed draws inspiration from the streets of his childhood to write this novel and offers an authentic vision of Moroccan society, life during the Green March, and the cultural differences and similarities between both sides of the Mediterranean.

What critics have said:


“Mohamed El Morabet weaves like a storyteller or a lattice craftsman who does not show everything he tells, who lets the shadow be a voice inside the story, which is a souk of details, of humanity in routines, of small abysses and responsibilities that stretch on the outside, demanding us inside to move forward.” – Zenda.


“The Winter of the Goldfinches once again brings the emotion, the surprise, the astonishment from a writer who handles language with unusual perfection and masters timing like a true artisan.” – All Literature.


“When a novel is so captivating, just release the floodgates of emotion for the sensations to flow on their own.” – The New Chronicle.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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