The rude sea (El mar descortés)

Love, family and the sea.

Clara, a 20-year-old young woman, has just lost her mother. She feels lost and doesn’t know how to keep going. Her older brother, Miguel, a marine biologist who studies sharks and works on their conservation in Baja California, is her idol and great support to overcome this tough time. However, Miguel won’t be able to help her for long, as he must travel to Mexico for an important project.

Shortly after, Clara receives the bad news. While diving, a harpoon has pierced Miguel, leaving him in a coma. Unable to transfer him to Spain due to his critical condition, Clara and her father decide to go to Mexico to be with him.

There, they are told that what happened is the result of a fishing accident, but Clara senses that something is wrong and decides to uncover the truth.

In her mission, she relies on the help of Dan Taylor, an attractive marine biologist and Miguel’s best friend. She also relies on her own intuition as she develops a strong mental power which Clara interprets as signals sent to her by her mother from beyond.

Clara confronts a network of illegal shark hunters that her brother was investigating and who are responsible for Miguel’s current hospitalization. She also has to face a harsh reality:

Dan, whom she has deeply fallen in love with, is not entirely innocent and may be involved in the accident.


RELEVANT DATA: Ana Hernández Sarriá, author of this yet-to-be-published novel, has captivated hundreds of thousands of Instagram users with her travels around the globe and her beautiful posts about marine life. Her previous books have been extremely well received by her fans. This work is her love letter to the ocean, told through an addictive story full of questions, love, activism, and a protagonist who, in search of answers, will ultimately find herself.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.


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