Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Ana Hernández Sarriá.

Ana Hernández Sarriá was born in 1988. She studied Fashion Design in Madrid and spent eight years in New York, working for various luxury brands. While in the United States, Hernández Sarriá released her first two novels. She eventually moved back to Madrid and started working at Loewe. After some time, driven by the desire for new challenges and inspired by her experiences in Manhattan, she decided to open a restaurant in the heart of Madrid.

However, feeling that she had not yet found her true definition of happiness, Hernández Sarriá decided to move to the Maldives by herself. There, she founded a small company to enable all her readers to journey with the author and meet the characters and settings of her works. Destinations include places such as Sri Lanka, French Polynesia, Baja California, among others.



Ana Hernández Sarriá is renowned for her active engagement on social networks, where she shares with her over 180,000 followers details about her works, her daily life in paradisiacal settings, her travels, and personal reflections. Moreover, she is committed to educating her audience about the importance of preserving local fauna and flora.