The void in which you float (El vacío en el que flotas)

An explosion of secrets that brings the past to the surface.

Anderson is a successful Colombian writer who receives a prestigious literary award to move to Europe and write his second novel. Haunted by his past, which also serves as his inspiration to write, and drowning in his addictions, he attempts to start a new life, opening up with difficulty to a woman while staying in touch with the man who raised him, a very religious person worried about appearances whom he often calls.

In Colombia, Uriel is a man with a difficult childhood who always wanted to work in cabaret. Now, he works as a waiter and the only remnant of his dream is when he transforms into the drag queen Kiki Boreal at night.

His life changes when he is forced to move to another city to escape the violence engulfing his town. On this journey, he is accompanied by his adopted son, whom Uriel decided to take care of after the tragic death of the boy’s parents. But the child does not accept reality and feels that something is not right. Despite pretending to lead a normal life with Uriel, he turns to alcohol from a very young age to escape from reality.

Meanwhile, the lives of the married couple Sergio and Celmira change completely when the mother suffers a terrorist attack in a shopping mall along with her son, Richi. Celmira survives, but there is no trace of the boy.

The disappearance profoundly affects the couple, leading to their separation. Celmira flees the city, the guilt, and the memories, opening a hair salon in a small town to start a new life. But the past is always present.

Meanwhile, Sergio becomes obsessed with the incident after seeing a suspicious woman in security camera footage. Years later, he continues investigating, generating images with artificial intelligence of what his son might look like today and keeping the search open with the help of a police inspector.

The case seems stalled for years, but a trip to Europe changes everything when the father attends a book presentation and recognizes his son in the writer, Anderson, discovering the truth: Uriel, taking advantage of the chaos of the attack, kidnapped the child, lied about his past, and raised him as his own son.



The author, Jorge Franco, once again surprises us with his mastery of blending genres and plots with different voices and well-woven timelines that keep the secret until the end. Franco thus creates a dramatic thriller with a very local Latin American flavor within a completely international story.

Franco is a prestigious Colombian writer who has won several awards. His accolades include the Alfaguara Novel Prize, First Prize in the Pedro Gómez Valderrama National Narrative Contest, First Prize in the XIV National Novel Contest Ciudad de Pereira, and the Dashiell Hammett International Novel Prize.

Gabriel García Márquez said of him, “This is one of the Colombian authors to whom I would like to pass the torch.”


What the reviews say:

“The Void in Which You Float is a film told in three voices (…) A story about voids with a happy ending.”  Goodreads

“A book that makes you stop to catch your breath and recover.” Goodreads

“An excellent book that shows a violent Colombia, but without being morbid.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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