Elvira’s Secrets (Los secretos de Elvira)

The spy who changed the course of D-Day.

Elvira Chaudoir, an upper-class Peruvian who settled in Paris at the outbreak of World War II, is an intelligent, attractive, elegant, wealthy, trilingual, bisexual young woman. A gambling and nightlife addict, she was fiercely independent and very classy… Elvira was always different from the rest. So different, in fact, it seemed as if she was born in a different era from her own. She never was and never wanted to be like the other girls; she never saw the sense of obeying unfair rules without a fight.

One of her many Parisian nights of elegant suites and rivers of champagne is interrupted by the terrifying news of the invasion of the German army. That is when she embarks on a dizzying flight to London amidst the panic of a country at war.

Elvira, thanks to her peculiar profile and her connections with high society, becomes Agent Bronx, a key player in the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, the famous MI6. She becomes a double agent thanks to her ability to interact with the German commander stationed in Paris, while continuously risking her life. She becomes part of the small and select group of top double agents created by the Allies to orchestrate the greatest distraction in the history of Intelligence: the landings at Normandy.


RELEVANT DATA: Hugo Coya, bestselling author and well-known journalist, producer, and director of various media outlets in Peru, the United States and Brazil, brings to light several years of research, access to declassified official documents, testimonies of family members and Elvira’s personal diary. In Elvira’s Secrets (Los secretos de Elvira) he reconstructs and narrates, interweaving fact and fiction, the exciting and improbable story of an unconventional heroine who did not hesitate to risk her life to save many others.

Hugo Coya has succeeded in making some of his books become Best Selling Non-Fiction in Peru and several of his works have been taken to audiovisual media. His articles have appeared in major media such as El Comercio and El Mundo de España, among others, and he is one of the founders of CNN en Español in Atlanta.


What the critics have said:

“Used to taking on great challenges, Hugo Coya embarks on a new book about a compatriot who marked the course of history.” El Comercio

“A book that uncovers the exciting story of Elvira de la Fuente Martínez, a spy, daughter of a Peruvian and a Spaniard, who changed the course of World War II.” Público


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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