Every Wedding Needs a Plan B (Todas las bodas necesitan un plan B)

Absolutely everything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong.

Marco Bernal is the best wedding photographer in the country. Although, if you ask him, he would much rather find and photograph his muse instead of being given it. He really did aspire for his career path to go a bit different, perhaps a more artistic path. He blew that opportunity, though, after a drunken episode in front of none other than most important gallery owner in the country, the one that would catapult him to fame. He lost more than his dignity that day.

In his thirties, desperate, and with no money to his name, he sees an opportunity to start new and once again be respected within the photography world. A last minute booking puts him in charge of a respected, luxurious and high-class wedding.

Things get increasingly more difficult when Marco finds himself scrambling to save the wedding from all types of disastrous situations, some that could end in the cancellation of the wedding. Starting with Virtu, the wedding planner, who has just recently been dumped by her boyfriend and she doesn´t seem to be handling it too well, because she doesn´t want to work on the wedding any longer. Gloria, the bride, comes from a family not as wealthy as that of her fiancé, and doubts whether she really wants to marry into a family that will never truly accept her. Marco´s ex-girlfriend is conveniently invited to the wedding and makes his life a nightmare. To make matters worse, truly the icing on top of the cake, the famous gallery owner is also on the guest list, and offers him a second chance if his photoshoot is good enough.

The pressure is on: Marco is forced to assume the role of the wedding planner and all of this on his lonesome, because his assistant is keeping himself busy with the food and the girls at the wedding.

As if that weren´t bad enough, he tries to resist the temptation of his ex, once his muse and someone who he was madly in love with. He must choose to focus on this or fight for his dreams and make the wedding go as planned and collect the money he was promised, of course. All this while still managing to take the best photos ever, because he can´t settle for less.

In the end, Gloria decides to cancel the wedding. The tipping point being that her fiancé signed a ¨prenup¨ behind her back, forced by his parents. She realizes that this is not the life she wants for herself, full of glamour and superficiality, and also, she seems to be falling for Marco despite his efforts to keep the wedding on.

Despite everything, Marco receives a check for his hard work, start a romantic relationship with the ex-bride, and wins over the famous gallery owner with a beautiful portrait of her.


RELEVANT DATA: Every Wedding Needs a Plan B (Todas las bodas necesitan un plan B) is a hilarious, feel-good comedy, led by real, charismatic and relatable characters.

The plot fully unravels in the reduced space of a wedding party, which is something to consider in terms of production costs. Rebeca Rus´ book is a true comedy, full of misunderstandings, entanglements within the blot, and romance. The novel is extremely audiovisual, since it relies on its dialogue and descriptions that allow the reader to imagine each frame of the potential adaptation. The story has an interesting twist and differential value than most within this genre, because is it told from a masculine point of view.

Rebeca Rus is a pioneer for the Spanish chick-lit genre. Her works are full of humor and crazy plots that have captured the hearts of many readers in Spain, driving her works to Nº1 in sales.


What the critics have said:

“A story that makes you chuckle. As always, Rebeca Rus makes you smile with each chapter and situation.” Amazon

“A sly and sparkling humor. Not in vain, Rebeca Rus is the queen of chick-lit.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series , Miniseries , Film, TV Movie.


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