Favela Library (Biblioteca Favela)

In one of the most dangerous corners of Rio de Janeiro, a librarian has started do magic.

This is the incredible story of the librarían of Alemão, a literatura warrior, a favela Quixote. In 2010, the favelas of the Complexo de Alemão were the main stage of the military operation against drug trafficking in Río de Janeiro. The images traveled all over the world. In the center of this gigantic social problem that exists in Brazil since a century ago, a book lover is starting to use literatura as projectile weapon.

Otávio Júnior, who has seen with his own eyes how the mark of drug trafficking stained his community since his childhood, is determined to help the children of his neighbourhood breathe clean air when they read the pages of books. This is the story of the project that has moved the conscience of a whole country. The favela, from within, armed to the teeth with books.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Otávio Júnior is a writer, an actor, a theatre producer and a storyteller from Rio de Janeiro, well known for opening the first libraries in three of the most dangerous favelas of Brasil. He now lives in the favela Complexo de Alemão where he carries out reading projects with children.

He has been awarded with many recognitions, like the Premio Madre Teresa de Calcuta or the Prêmio Faz Diferença.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Portuguese.

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