Final Exorcism

Final Exorcism is the first volume of erotic stories by Yovana Martinez. The life of a woman is narrated from her adolescence to her middle age through her sexual experiences. The story begins the day she loses her virginity in a Cuban internee. Short tales chronologically in first person alongside a very direct, colloquial and obscene tone. 


THEMES: Eroticism, Sex, Survival, Adolescence, Escape


GENRE: Drama



The tales from Final Exorcism shown a desecration that goes through our bones and feels to an intimate spot in our soul and spirit to ask ourselves each animal instinct within us. It provides us desire and the urge to have excessive sex, perhaps the one that´s not even accepted by the eyes of God.

The short stories are lead through a female voice. Her narrative, as a whole, have a traditional structure: it starts with the description of space, to the presentation and profile of each character…all complemented with the great telling from the main character. She just strips away from her past that, in some occasions, presents itself as tedious but, each obstacle – memories, childhood, sorrow – are accompanied with a serene eroticism that surpassed the discourse of the twenty-six stories that intertwine amid each page.



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